Our Vision

With heath & safety regulations and environmental issues becoming ever more enforced within the workplace, our vision and goal is to achieve perfect harmony with both.

We keep our staff informed and up to date with changes in legislation and are trained to assess the risk aspect of any work being carried out. They will listen to colleagues on their views and how we can make the working environment safer for those around us.

We aim to recycle as much as we can by

  • The re-sale of redundant equipment back into retail sector
  • Separating the recyclable elements of redundant equipment
  • Saving our valuable resources and saving money

Third world motivation

With certain parts of the third world in increasing need for financial support, there is many redundant retail items that can help their economies grow, from: tailors dummies, refrigeration, shop shelving etc, these items as new, can sometimes cost twice as much as the original sale value.